Monthly Subscription| Bundle Deals

Thanks for Joining the Glamorous Chicks Head wraps VIP monthly subscription.

How does our subscription work?

Every month we will put in items in this area.  We will price the item in your collection so that you will be able to purchase 3 head wrap items, 1 makeup item and cover shipping.

If you prefer to get another product from our product offering you can do that as well. However,  the dollar amount may not match up perfectly. However, your code can be used throughout the entire site. 

Monthly, you will have a total of $60 to spend for your $39.99 subscription.

Our VIP subscribers will get to purchase head wrap prints that are not available elsewhere in the store. If there are prints left over we may make them available to the general public - but that is not guaranteed!

We will provide you with a new code monthly -  so be sure to look out for our email.

The discount code  that you will receive will be linked to the Name and email address you used when you purchase your monthly subscription.

Your subscription cannot be re gifted - as the discount code we provide is specifically linked to you!


Thanks for being part of our VIP Club.