Ceaderwood Shea Butter Soap for dry skin (Limited Edition)

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Our Shea butter soaps are both luxurious and hydrating. Made with Shea butter mixed with hydrating and nourishing oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and coco butter to ensure loving skin benefits.

Our soaps are hand made with love using the cold-process method. We combine our skin loving oils with lye and add the watermelon fragrance oil to our mix. Pouring the mix into our molds and letting it saponify for a couple of days. Then we take the soap loaf out of the molds and cut each bar. Then we put them on a rack and allow for them to cure. Because our soaps are hand crafted, the designs and colors may vary from bar to bar, but each bar is a quality product made with luxurious skin loving ingredients ensuring a lovely experience.

Each bar weights around 4.5 ounces.


-Coconut Oil, Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Hydroxide, essential oils & fragrances


Our all natural shea butter soaps are perfect for daily face and body. Our Shea butter soaps will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling awesome.

These soaps will produce a creamy lather and leave your skin feeling wonderfully clean and soft.

PLEASE NOTE: Soap bars should be kept dry between uses. To extend the life of your soap, use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water.

All of our Shea butter soaps will offer you the following benefits

🔥 Tons of moisture

🔥 Softer smoother and more toned looking skin.

🔥 It’s natural, so no side effects or harsh reactions on babies and on those with sensitive skin.

🔥Provides natural protection from UV radiation.

🔥Helps with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

🔥 Help reduce black spots, stretch marks and scars.

🔥 Helps prevent wrinkles.

🔥Reduces dryness in skin.

🔥Includes Vitamin A which helps rebuild the cells.

All these reasons and more make our Shea Butter Soap a perfect addition to your beauty regimen.