Santeria Bead Handmade Eleke Necklaces

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Price is for One Eleke Necklace Strand. It is 16 inches long.


OSHUN: (Yellow & Gold) Oshun is known to be one of the four pillars in the Santeria religion. She is the orisha of all things love, beauty and the divine feminine / womanhood. She represents all phases of a woman's life.

▸ CHANGO: (Red & White) Chango is considered the king of the Santeria religion on earth, and one of the "four pillars". He is the orisha of male virility, leadership, fire, lighting and thunder, dancing and drumming. He represents the essence of masculinity.

▸ OBATALA: (White) Obatala is considered the king of the Santeria religion in Orun/Heaven; he is the edlest of the orishas and father of many, and one of the "four pillars" of the religion. He represents justice & peace amongst the orishas. He is a protector. He represents spiritual purity, patience, calm and peace, as represented by the color white.

▸ OGUN: (Green & Black) Ogun is known as a powerful, fearless warrior who defends, and fights against injustice. He works with and invents tools, weaponry and technology with innovation. Considered the father of civilization on earth. He also represents labour, hard work, inventiveness and the fierceness of a warrior.

▸ YEMAYA: (Blue & Clear) Yemaya is considered to be the mother of all living things, representative of motherhood and the waters of Earth. She is just as fierce as any other orisha; she is one of the most powerful of the orishas in the religion.

▸ ELEGUA: (Red & Black) Elegua is known to be the first orisha created by Olodumare, and he is key to any of the Santeria practices, for his blessings are required to succeed. Elegua owns the roads, crossroads and doors in the universe that allow one to get from one point to the next. He is the road that allows us to travel, whether through prayer, divination, communication or practice.

▸ ORULA: (Green & Yellow) Orula is known to be the master of divination; he can see far into the future of anyone and everyone on earth and has the power to influence destinies, as he was present to witness the creation of the universe, thus knowing most. He is one of the best guides, as he has clear total perception and knowingness of our lives, and can communicate with us through divination.